The Best Roof Top Tents, Australia [2022] – The Complete Buyers Guide

A height of about 1.7 metres at the highest point.3 x 2.15 metres and a height of about 1.7 metres at the highest point. The two-piece, high density foam mattress is super comfy and nice and thick – 7.5 cm. With mesh windows and a door on three sides, you get plenty of ventilation. The tent includes a telescopic ladder – this is under an awning which is handy when it’s pelting down. For peace of mind, it’s possible to lock the shell to prevent theft. It’s possible to mount equipment to the top, such as a solar panel or rack. Hannibal’s tent uses a 380gsm polycotton ripstop canvas. It has double stitched seams with binding edges to make the tent 100% waterproof. You can get this tent in a range of sizes to best fit your vehicle. It also has a 210 denier ripstop nylon fly cover for added protection from rain and wind. The frame poles are built using lightweight aluminium.


Proper lighting improves safety, ensures you don’t trip when climbing up the ladder to your tent, and provides a more comfortable experience if you need to use the restroom at night. Because we love a well-lit tent and campsite, we carry four different kinds of lighting equipment with us. First and foremost, we secure Luminoodles to the interior of our Skycamp. They use AA batteries, and unlike typical LED lighting, they offer a warm white light-perfect for getting ready for bed. These multi-purpose light strips have LED lighting and wireless adhesive string. It’s a great option when we want to use a smaller light around camp without pulling out our big lights. It has a large handle for easy carrying and four modes (two daylight whites, warm white, and flash mode). Another must-have light we carry with us is this LE outdoor camping lantern. Since it has a long battery life, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing the three 1.5V D batteries very often.

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The result is a high quality and durable rooftop tent, the Skyrise. Skyrise Tent features Poler’s look and coloring, and Yakima’s superb structure and frames. The combination of the two brands earned a lot of positive reviews from campers around the world.Yakima Skyrise Rooftop Tent fits precisely on any suitable roof. It looks good on any SUV or other vehicle, and you can choose whatever color or size you desire. Wherever your vacation or off-grid adventure takes you, this rook rack tent will feel like a second, personalized home. Who said that a tent can’t be functional. Stylish at the same time? The setup takes less than quarter an hour. The fabric of the walls does not weigh much as well. The Skyrise’s framing is made of aluminum, making it a lightweight yet solid construction. Additionally, the materials ensure that you can breathe easily and the air inside will never feel stuffy.

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